A well-crafted design falls flat
without a strategy to support it.

get to know us

What we do

Founded in Vienna by Designer Willem Krauss in 2004. Studio Krauss is an independent creative business made by Passion, Strategy and Design.

We approach every project with a purpose-built team of creative specialists, comprised of category experts and culturally-aligned natives. We form partnerships with our clients all around the world through three areas of focus – Futures, Strategy and Design – working separately and together to harness change, express meaning and make impact.

What we don’t do

Free pitches
We say no to all free creative pitches. It’s simply not good business for anyone. We believe that the most effective work is built on a close collaboration, strong partnership and deep understanding. Not contrived competitions which fail to recognise the true value of our work.

Free exclusivity

Being experts at what we do attracts a community of like-minded clients who sometimes have competing interests. We offer our clients world class, original and effective brand building solutions. We ensure absolute confidentiality on every project. But we can’t offer exclusivity without a reciprocal commitment from our clients.